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Angus Buckle, Owner of Sleep Performance Coach

Angus Buckle, Owner of Sleep Performance Coach

We give you the exact tools we used to get our athletes, CEO’s and 6,7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs life-changing results to grow your business and create more IMPACT. 

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In the UK alone, 4 million people's biggest health goal is to improve their sleep, and an estimated 100 million Americans wake up sleep-deprived each morning! The world needs more coaches educating people on the power of sleep to avoid easily preventable pills and surgeries. 

Even better, when you get your client's superior results, you’ll become a more recognized and higher authority figure in your domain, making YOU the number one health coach or personal trainer that everyone wants to come to see.

The Sleep Performance Coach and The Sleep Performance Certification


Angus is a sleep and performance expert, who has worked with over 450 clients, Including, CEO’s, Athletes and Entrepreneurs running 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses 


Over 17 years of coaching experience, qualified  level 3 diploma in personal training and sports nutrition, along with multiple qualifications in neurology and as a sleep science, and sleep recovery coach and now a big focus on mental and physical peak performance 


The industry was top heavy on the science of sleep without the application and how to really get your clients the best sleep, which is why I created this certification to make the science simple and applicable. 


I will train you on the exact proven methods to optimise sleep, along with the coaching documents to re-brand to your business with one click, so you can replicate my proven method of sleep performance coaching whether it's a busy mum, athlete or billionaire! 


We have certified coaches all over the world with a 9.8/10 on client satisfaction and 9.6/10 if they would refer us.  I am hugely excited to continue to help more coaches get their clients off medications and into their best health naturally, using basic science, biology and to create a  high level coaching practice that changes lives and creates more impact!

And that’s exactly what I created with the 

Sleep Performance Coach Certification For Coaches 

What's Included

The Core Curriculum

(£2,000 value)

Study at your own pace with online modules, broken down into easy to digest 20 minutes. Watch just 1x video a day and you can easily pass within 4 weeks or less to become a certified sleep performance coach!

Inside the sleep certification program core curriculum, you will learn the sleep science, but most importantly how to easily apply this to your clients with step by step coaching process we have successfully used with over 450 clients to take your sleep knowledge to a world-class level that can guarantee results.


The Foundations of Sleep Science

  • Why the medical system is broken + Solution
  • Sleep deprivation - associated health risks
  • Sleep drive - foundation principles of sleep
  • Circadian rhythm - Our biological clocks and rhythms
  • Chronotypes - morning lark vs night owl
  • Sleep stages + how much sleep we need
  • The foundations of good sleep - The 5 step process


The Brain and the Body

  • The brain - an introduction to the brain and its primary role
  • Sleep and the brain - What happens when we sleep
  • The lymphatic and glymphatic systems - how they work
  • Health risks in the brain when sleep-deprived - preventable diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia etc
  • Stress and the nervous system - Role of the ANS, SNS and PSNS
  • HRV - Why its the most important metric we track


Peak Performance

  • Exercise and performance
  • Hormonal timing for peak performance
  • Nutrition - the importance of timing and proven weight loss strategy
  • Alcohol and caffeine - How much can we consume and what impacts
  • Supplements - Considerations to improve sleep, risks + what to avoid
  • Breathwork - The importance of how we breath
  • Biofeedback/ sleep tracking - Pros and cons of data + best practices
  • Brain waves - How to tap into mental peak performance
  • Athletic performance - Considerations of athletes
  • Sleep and productivity - How to work less and get more done!


The Neurology and Strategy to Coaching Clients

  • How to get clients to do the work!
  • How to create habits to drive results
  • The link of sleep deprivation and negative thoughts 
  • Tips on how to manage when sleep-deprived
  • How to energise the brain each morning/ during the day for performance 


Client Case Studies and Exact Step by Step Process to Coach Clients

  • Assessment and screening

  • Replicate our proven onboarding process
    Educating clients

  • How to get your clients the best results
    Sleep tracking and support

  • How to fast track client results with sleep trackers

  • How to optimise the environment with step by step process

  • Evening routine - How to help your client build their unique evening routine

  • Morning routine - How to help your client build their unique morning routine

  • Behaviour and mindset coaching

  • How to get your clients to do the work

  • Client examples - case studies of 6,7,8 figure entrepreneurs, moms, doctor and actor.

  • Online multiple-choice exam to unlock these insane bonuses!

Once passed you will unlock the sleep coaching toolkit to give you the exact coaching tools you need to succeed

BONUS 1: Rebrandable Sleep Coaching Documents

(£500 value)

Rebrandable documents to give your clients the tools to fast track their results. How to create the perfect sleep environment, morning and evening routines and the best sleep products to help fast track your client's results. All done for you and re-brandable to implement straight into your business.

BONUS 2: Sleep Document Downloads - Rebrandable To Your Business - Done-For-You Guides

(£500 value)

Rebrandable documents so you can have the EXACT tools to coach your clients with call framework, weekly tracking and a sleep journal. How to track your client's sleep, but also the framework for coaching calls, post-meeting notes and daily tracking so your client has a world-class experience that guarantees results.

BONUS 3: Guest Speaker Talks

(£1,000 value)

We have got some of the world's leading experts and coaches on the link between sleep and nutrition, supplements, menopause, neurology of sleep and how to coach your clients + Many more to give you the knowledge you need to stand out as a world-class coach who can guarantee results!

Sleep Certification Guest Speaker



Want a Sneak Peek?


The course provides you with the foundational knowledge to understand sleep at the ground level so you are an expert on the fundermentals.

Along with modules on the neurology of how the brain works and to get your clients the best results...

You have all the tools to hit the ground running and apply the teachings to grow your coaching business, and create more meaningful impact.

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Lets Recap, Everything Inculded! 

Module 1 - The foundations of sleep science
Module 2 - The brain and the body
Module 3 - Peak performance
Module 4 - The neurology and strategy for coaching clients
Module 5 - Client case studies and exact step by step process to coach clients

Value = £2k

Bonus 1 - Rebrandable Downloads for clients - Total Value = £500
Bonus 2 - Rebrandable sleep coaching documents - Total Value = £500
Bonus 3 - Guest speaker talks from worlds experts - Total Value = £1k

Value = £2k


The Total Value = £4,000



Our usual price is £497, and Our February Special Offer is discounted to £297! 

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We are likely doubling the price to £997 on our next intake in 2024 so don’t snooze and miss out on this ONE-TIME special price as we will not be running this offer again!! 

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9.6/10 on value for money.

57% voted we should double the price, which we will likely do on the next intake.

And a 9.8/10 if they would refer this course! 

And 9.8/10 on customer service! 

So with our 30 day money back guarantee you can make a risk free investment! 

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