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121 - 60 Minute Sleep Consultation 

During a 60-minute Zoom call, Angus will help give you tailored advice around your sleep with call notes and action steps to implement into your life tonight! If you have a sleep tracker with Oura, Whoop, Fitbit or Apple watch we have a software that can upload and review your data and give you real-time feedback on how to improve your sleep, HRV, RHR, energy, and much more. 

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12-Week Elite Sleep Performance Program

Our 12-week program is designed to help you truly optimise your sleep, energy and performance with genetic testing, the latest sleep technology, daily accountability and support from your dedicated coach. This is an application process for successful athletes and high performers who want to level up to be the best in their profession and know that true peak performance involves a team. 

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Sleep Certification for Health Coaches 

Due to the number of health coaches, personal trainers and Doctors wanting to learn about sleep from Angus, he created a sleep certification course to help educate health practitioners on how to coach their clients to better sleep and performance. We have now had over 80 coaches from all over the world join the course with amazing results, click the link below to find out more. 

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